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ok so there’s a bunch of people drinking on the porch of my dorm

and i heard this girl say “okay wait so i used to take ballet and i think this is coming back to me….” 

and then I hear a crash and a bunch of people asking if she was okay

this may have just made my night. 

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We need more bisexual girls in fiction. Happy out and proud. Sad and closeted and scared. Bi girls of color. Trans and genderqueer and two-spirit bi characters. Bi characters who don’t know they’re bi until someone tells them bisexuality is real. Bi girls pretending to be straight. Bi girls pretending to be lesbians. Immigrant bi girls who have got bigger issues to worry about than being bi. With more diversity in our bi girls in fiction, one bi girl character with internalized biphobia won’t stick out so terribly.
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next time you’re at a party in a town that you hate or dont give a shit about or something see how many dudes you can sneak off with and like go to take off their pants but then just pull their belt out of their pants and leave. see how many belts you can collect & compete with your friends. this is a sport called final fantasying


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